Thursday, March 25, 2010

Triangle Forest

On tuesday we got a last minute phone call, a band dropped out of a show so he was calling to see if we could open for Julian Casablanca (from The Strokes) that night at Lupos. We actually just turned from a trio into a quartet with the addition of our friend Marty who used to play in the band before moving to Philly, so we basically had to drop everything and do an emergency practice all afternoon before the show. I hated to leave work in the middle of the day because we had a ton of stuff to do, but I knew i didn't want to miss the opportunity! It was really cool playing on such a huge stage. After the show two girls even came up to me and asked me for my autograph!! It made me feel like a rockstar. If you haven't heard my new band check us out on myspace!
It's one of my BFF's brendan's band and they are awesome. I joined it about 4 months ago. I am mostly just like a trained monkey behind the keyboard for now, but eventually i'm hoping to get good enough to write my own songs and maybe even start my own band/project!

oh and I added a lot of cute new clothes to my shop tonight! I love this new playsuits. I want to make a couple that have an empire waist next.

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