Thursday, March 18, 2010


these are "tight!" ROFL. All of them are from
Which is a british store i totally love. Especially because when I was 13 I moved overseas to Abu Dhabi (capital of the UAE... next to dubai) with my family. There was NO good shopping when we first got there because it wasn't very westernized, literally not even one store in the whole city with clothing that me or any of my friends would ever wear!! The only time I got new clothes was when i went back to the US for christmas and summer break. But then, the first cool store to hit abu dhabi opened, and it was Miss Selfridge. It was the only place any girl in my high school would shop at! Since I've moved a ton of awesome malls have opened up, and Abu dhabi and Dubai are totally shopping paradises. I totally save most of my shopping for when I go to visit my dad every year!

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