Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fling

Its saturday and the first day of spring! It's so nice out. The weather getting nicer has made me feel so much better all around, its been a really long year and there is something hopeful and exciting about spring! There are tons more people outside and it makes the city less gloomy.

Today I woke up, did some etsy work and then made a dress to bring to the boutique downstairs, Queen of Hearts. I dropped off that and 3 other dresses this afternoon then went for a bike ride. I love riding on my pink bike... everyone totally loves that thing too, i get lots of attention (so far only good). Tonight there are a few shop openings and a gallery opening on my street, one for Queen of Hearts. I'm so excited because Karen gave me my own clothing rack there and she put it separate from all the other racks in the front of the store. whenever i walk by i can see how everything looks!

Off to go get ready for the shows...

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