Tuesday, March 16, 2010

first entry!

hello new super secret special diary !!!

I'm hoping to be more of a blogger so this is my first try. I also want to start reading other peoples blogs, so suggestions... come flying in!!

I'm gonna start posting some outfits i wear too! so here's the first-

I usually dress pretty boring unless it's the weekend or I'm going out, because on weekdays I hate to admit it but I'm usually in my apartment 24 hours a day, mostly working, unless I wander out to the streets in search of food or fresh virgin blood to feast upon. So leggings, tank top, sweater. and the occasional hot dog suit when i feel like kicking it up a notch.

Anywayz, Tonight I dyed some fabric and I can tell its going to be great! I used this fabric dye called Idye, by Jaquard. At first I could only find it online, then discovered it at an art supply store nextsdoor in my old town, but on a recent trip to Joann Fabrics I discovered they stock it now!! Its really amazing because they have a ton of colors you wouldn't be able to find else wear (Like chartruese and pastels!!) i usually stick to pastels but they kept coming out way lighter than I wanted, so I tried violet tonight and they garments aren't completely dry but I think they'll look awesome! I love how when I dye slips the trim comes out a slightly different shade. I even threw in a couple pairs of my underwear in my excitement. they were covered with stains so the dye fixed that right up (Totally JK- ING!). I did it on my stove top but I'd love to try a washing machine, my apartment only has a front loader one that is dryer and washer built into one (kind of annoying, it takes 4 hours each load!)

I'll post some pics of the dye job tomorrow!!

love, kelly


  1. Aww yayyyyy! So pretty in the pic!

  2. My old woman eyes can't read this white on pinkness! Who's the blind old bitch now?


  3. thanx marvin!

    actually liz, i can't read it either!! jeez what a bunch of old ladies. i'll have to have yoon or kayla fix it, those young things are so computer savy!