Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines day!

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays! Obviously I love pink, bows, hearts and presents. And, I have the cutest, sweetest boyfriend in the world, Adam! After work, he brought flowers up to my apartment (oh yeah.. he lives in the same house, in the apartment downstairs! I met him when i moved in). Then he went downstairs and cooked us an amazing dinner and then showered me with presents!

My amazing dress is by Lindsey Faber, Check out her etsy shop! skimpilyclawd.etsy.com

my flowers

glamour shot!

in my boyfriend's kitchen

Adam! wearing one of my boys hoodies ofcourse, he has like 10 now!

PRESENTS!! he got me a lot of kitchen stuff because we love to cook together and a couple presents from victoria's secret.. ;)

the cards we made each other were amazing similar!

Adam & Meatball


  1. I also love valentines! Funny Funny my boy and I both gave each other telephone themed vintage valentines by coincidence, Good taste all round!